1. Aburi sushi from Miku

2. Terimayo dog from Japadog

3. Lamb popsicles from Vij’s

4. Cup of coffee from Revolver

5. Legendary platter from White Spot

6. Beef Roll from Peaceful Restaurant

7. Najib’s Special from Nuba

8. Chicken wings from Phnomh Penh

9. Diplomat cake from Notte Bon Ton

10. Gelato from Bella Gelateria

11. Bagel Sandwich with Lox from Siegel’s

12. Oyster Chowder at Rodney’s Oyster House

13. Blue Water Cafe Tower at Blue Water Cafe

14. Almond Croissant from Thomas Haas

15. Craft Beer sampler from The Alibi Room

16. The Checkmate Caesar at Score on Davie

17. Fried Chicken Waffle “Sando” from Miura

18. Ice Cream Taco from Rain or Shine

19. $3.99 breakfast from Bon’s Off Broadway

20. London Fog Stuffie from Cartems

21. Kouign Amman from Beaucoup Bakery

22. Hedgehogs from Purdys

23. Porchetta at Meat & Bread

24. Devil’s Dream Melt from Buckstop

25. Bao Chicka Bao Bao!! from Bao Down

26. Frissant from Swiss Bakery

27. Fried Cecchi from Campagnolo

28. Avocado toast from Nelson the Seagull

29. Hot Pot from Landmark

30. Fries with Miso Gravy at The Naam

31. Bowl from Shishinori

32. Celebration 2010 roll at Tojo’s

33. To Die For Banana Bread

34. Pear, Walnut, Brie, Proscuitto sandwich from Finch’s

35. Fish taco from Tacofino

36. Roast chicken at Homer St Cafe

37. Fish & Chips at Go Fish

38. Sandwich at La Grotta del Formaggio

39. Maple Bacon Donut from Lee’s Donuts

40. Surf and Turf from Joe Fortes

41. Eggs Benny from Yolk’s Breakfast

42. Gin & Tonic from Juniper

43. Hot chocolate at Mink

44. Grandma’s Pancakes at Jethro’s Fine Grub

45. Yes Ma’am from Hi Five

46. Sweet Chili Cauliflower from MeeT

47. Fricassée & Lavender Latte from Cafe Medina

48. Liege waffle from Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

49. The Tackle Box from YEW seafood + bar

50. Bún chả at Mr. Red Cafe

51. Chicken & Waffles from Tuc Craft Kitchen

52. BC Salmon Sandwich from Kaboom Box

53. Glenburn Sampler at Glenburn Soda Fountain

54. Burger from Wakwak

55. Baked Avocado Skins at Heirloom

56. Snacks and wine pairings from Latab

57. Nice Cream from Nice Vice

58. Rye So Messy wings from Torafuku

59. Chicken Karaage from Mogu Japanese Street Eats

60. Cioppino at Cioppino’s

61. Ice cream sandwich from Beta5

62. Chartreuse Milkshake at UVA

63. Daily special from Dock Lunch

64. Soft serve with honeycomb from Soft Peaks

65. Currywurst at Bestie

66. Butternut Squash Ravioli at Cactus Club

67. Green Smoothie from the Juice Truck

68. Pulled pork pancakes at Red Wagon

69. Chef’s Tasting Menu at Maenam

70. Tomato Soup Fondue & Grilled Cheese Toasties at Belgard Kitchen

71. Maple French Toast Bacon Pie from the Pie Hole

72. Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia at Giardino

73. Fried chicken ramen at Ramen Gojiro

74. Banh Mi at Au Petit Cafe

75. Moules Frites at Chambar

76. Dirty Burger at Campagnolo Upstairs

77. Luigi’s Meatballs and a fresh pasta from Ask For Luigi

78. Hainan chicken rice at Hawker’s Delight

80. Brown Butter Tart at Timber

81. Black Truffle Pork and Shrimp Dumplings Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant

82. Mac and Cheese at Burgoo

83. Wine flight at Tap & Barrel

84. Poutine from Mean Poutine

85. Dim Sum at Kirin

86. Margherita Pizza at Nicli Antica Pizzeria

87. Pourhouse Burger at Pourhouse

88. Perogies at Friday Night Supper at Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

89. All Canadian Poutine at The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

90. Housemade pasta with wine pairing at Royal Dinette

91. Hotel Georgia cocktail from Hawksworth

92. Steak at Gotham Steakhouse

93. Bubble Waffle from Bubble Waffle Cafe

94. Baked treats from Purebread

95. BC Bramble cocktail from Odd Society

96. Duck Fat Fries at Edible Canada

97. Churro Ice Cream Sandwich from Hugo’s Churros

98. Patatas Bravas at Bodega on Main

99. Green Tea matcha Parfait at Mimibuloveme

100. Salmon Sampler at Salmon ‘n Bannock

101. Ice Fried yogurt at ON Yogurt



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